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Covid-19 Guidelines and Safety Measures

The Farmer’s Boy Inn Response to Covid-19


"We Care for your Well-Being"

The safety and well being of our guests is our top priority.

As we welcome you back, you can rest assured that we are taking precautionary measures across The Farmer’s Boy Inn in an effort to maintain a safe environment for our guests, customers and staff. Here are some of the steps that guests will see at The Farmer’s Boy Inn taking in an effort to provide a healthy environment:

Cleaning & Sanitizing


We are conducting regular—in many cases hourly—cleaning and sanitization of frequently touched surfaces and high-traffic areas such as doorknobs, handles, tables and chairs.

  • For the public restrooms, our teams are stepping up the cleaning and sanitation of surfaces every after use. 
  • Routine cleaning extends to the employee areas of the pub and inn such as employee restrooms, kitchen and till station.

Temperature & Well being Checks


All guests and staff are required to have a body temperature check each time they enter the Farmer’s Boy Inn premises.

  • During check-in, guests will need to provide details in accordance to contact tracing guidelines mandated by the government (Date & Time of Arrival, Name, Address, Contact Number, Email Address, Temperature)
  • Then they will undergo three digital temperature checks and are asked if they are feeling well or showing any signs of illness.
  • Anyone with a fever above 37.5 C (99.5 F) or who is experiencing any symptoms will be advised to see a doctor immediately and will not be allowed to go inside The Farmer’s Boy Inn.



  • We have placed posters with correct hand-washing techniques and hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the restaurant and inn—at front desks, in every door, public restrooms and employee areas—to remind everyone of the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene.

Safety Measures - Restaurant


Following the mandated 1 metre physical distancing rules, we have limited our guest capacities and have reconfigured our reception space as well as our dining areas to ensure that our team can maintain physical distancing whilst serving you.  

  • In addition to our reconfigured dining space in the restaurant and beer garden, we have set up Gloucestershire’s first ‘PIED-AWAYS’, which are isolation pods that can cater a maximum of 6 guests, providing a safe and secure environment to those who would wish to dine and enjoy The Farmer’s Boy Inn country style dining experience. 
  • Folding tables will be provided to each and every pod and our staff will leave your food on the table provided.
  • All restaurant bookings must be made by phone or online. No booking, No Entry.
  • Our menu, as well as our guidelines and further information you will need will be posted on our website, so that you may be able to access information conveniently and contact us for any other concerns you might have.
  • Ordering of food as well as payments will be made online through our website or by scanning a QR code provided in each table, to minimize contact.


Safety Measures - Accommodation Services


  • All accommodation bookings must be made by phone or online. We also highly encourage guests to pay for their bookings online or via card.
  • 48 hours prior to your arrival, our team will be in contact via email or phone to gather related information with regards to your accommodation to limit face to face interaction.
  • Please expect us to confirm your time of arrival, any special dietary requirements you might require and that we may be able to give you confidence to relax once you are with us.
  • Enhanced cleaning procedures are being implemented as well in accommodation rooms. Rooms are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, sheets as well as hygienic materials are being replaced after every check out and prior to check-in.
  • Check-in time starts at 2:00 pm and Check out is only until 10:00 am. Guests must adhere to our Check-in and Check Out policies to give our housekeeping team ample amount of time to deep clean each room prior to next check-in.
  • Guidelines and further information you will need will be posted on our website, so that you may be able to access information conveniently and contact us for any other concerns you might have.