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Big Ugly Challenge

The Big Ugly Challenge

Its BIG, Its UGLY & oh so very very tasty!

This idea came to us from a friend of mine who had seen a ‘Man v Food’ contest in Detroit. We think this is better!

The Big Ugly Burger is truly a monster, it’s a moist 12” of prime 100% British beef Burger, 12" Homemade Bap topped with Cheedar Cheese & Onion Relish sreved with Chips, Salad, Coleslaw Onion Rings!

Obviously we don’t have it on all the time, once a month, and not too surprisingly, so far it’s been an exclusively ‘man thing’, and particularly, a rugby playing man thing, although we’d love to see any ladies up for it! The first guy to complete the challenge Lee Haynes, actually had a cheesecake afterwards which left us a bit open-mouthed. The facebook page is great fun, check it out atfacebook.com/Thebiguglyburger

You know you want to...............Challenges so far are

The Big Ugly Steak Challenge,
The Big Ugly Faggot Challenge
Big Ugly Breakfast Challenge