The Big Ugly Challenge

Its BIG, Its UGLY & oh so very very tasty!

This idea came to us from a friend of mine who had seen a ‘Man v Food’ contest in Detroit. We think this is better!

The Big Ugly Burger is truly a monster, it’s a moist 12” of prime 100% British beef Burger, 12" Homemade Bap topped with Cheedar Cheese & Onion Relish sreved with Chips, Salad, Coleslaw Onion Rings!

Obviously we don’t have it on all the time, once a month, and not too surprisingly, so far it’s been an exclusively ‘man thing’, and particularly, a rugby playing man thing, although we’d love to see any ladies up for it! The first guy to complete the challenge Lee Haynes, actually had a cheesecake afterwards which left us a bit open-mouthed. The facebook page is great fun, check it out

You know you want to...............Challenges so far are

The Big Ugly Steak Challenge,
The Big Ugly Faggot Challenge
Big Ugly Breakfast Challenge