Farmers Boy Inn and Coronavirus

A message for our valued customers… 

Dear friends of The Farmer’s Boy Inn, 

In the midst of the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to let you know that we at The Farmer’s Boy Inn remain focused on serving your needs and are committed to follow precautionary measures to ensure we protect our customers and team members. Please be informed that there are currently no reported cases of the Corona Virus among either our guests or staff and we are strictly monitoring the Government protocols and following their instructions.

This is a difficult time for everyone but for now it’s very much business as usual with the following precautionary procedures in place:  

  1. If you’re not feeling 100% well, we would like to politely ask you to postpone your visit for at least 7 days. Just give us 48 hour notice and we will reschedule your booking to an alternative date at NO EXTRA CHARGE.
  2. Our team members will inform you about our hygiene facilities upon arrival. 
  3. You’ll still experience our customary warm welcome but handshakes and any other physical contact have been suspended until further notice.
  4. All team members are strictly required to wash hands thoroughly every 30mins.
  5. We keep all touched surfaces i.e. tables, chairs, door handles, taps, bathroom surfaces, menus, cutlery, crockery and glassware etc cleaned and sanitized regularly. 
  6. We are closely monitoring all team member’s health conditions. Any team member that presents symptoms will be advised to follow quarantine measures and will not be entering the pub and inn premises for at least 7 days.
  7. 7. Now we provide delivery service from 12nn to 8pm everyday. When our food is delivered to your door, our delivery personnel will wear a mask and gloves to ensure the safety of your food. 
  8. If you are collecting from our restaurant, you only need to contact us and get your ordered food at our pick-up point.

Any changes to government protocols will be implemented as soon as we receive new information. We will try to do everything in our power to get through this alongside you.

  Please continue to come and see us! 


Phil, Manda & The Farmer’s Boy Inn Team