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August 30, 2014
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September 1, 2014

The Dinner of the Week

Some reading this may not know the significance or even the meal i am talking about and others (i am hoping!) will know exactly what i am talking about!

So The Dinner of the Week has to be The Sunday Roast! Although what i find is it’s becoming less and less of a tradition to eat a Sunday Roast on a Sunday! A study in 2008 found that 15% less people were cooking/eating The Traditional Sunday Roast!

For myself and many other families i am sure Sunday Lunch was the one meal that everyone was guaranteed to be at but even i have noticed with my parents is that as the children have left home a Sunday Lunch becomes less regular in their house (maybe 2 a month now!) Whereas on the other hand both my sets of Grandparents could never imagine a Sunday without a Sunday Roast no matter the weather!

I know that the Roast Dinner will never die though i do hope people keep the tradition up and keep enjoying Sunday Roasts!

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