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August 9, 2014
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August 11, 2014

Social Media Rights & Wrongs

Reading through The Daily Mail today and i came across this story about Golfer Ian Poulter-

‘I booked six business seats with BA and they downgraded our nanny… it’s just not right’

Now i get the fact that he paid for 6 tickets so should get 6 seats but for me it’s the way he worded his tweet- ‘Booked 6 business seats for my wife & nanny to fly home and British Airways downgrade my nanny so katie has no help for 10 hours with 4 kids.’

He got slated on Twitter with followers tweeting- Some people don’t have nannies & Children are dying in Gaza and you are complaining about your wife looking after her own!

So i get both sides of the argument and i know which side i agree with but it all goes down to what is right & wrong to post on social media. For example by writing what he wrote he does seem like hes distancing himself from his followers and on the other hand twitter is all about voicing your opinion.

So just remember with Social Media everyone has their own rights & wrongs!

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