October 4, 2014
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October 11, 2014

A Tale of 2 Sides

I’m just going to tell you a little story of 2 very different customer experiences i had today.

The reason i am going to tell you these stories is so you can see average customer service and then what i believe to be really good customer service,

Now both phone calls were made to 2 different energy companies.

The story starts that the reason i am phoning my electricity provider is because i have lost my electricity key for my pre-pay meter.

So firstly i phoned NPower after picking from 4 simple options i get put in a queue, whilst waiting on hold an automated machine tells me if i don’t wish to wait on hold they promise to phone me back in 4-8 minutes (the length of the queue) and i will not lose my place., after coming this far i decide to wait and about 8 minutes my call gets answered. The assistant then asks for an account number and as i haven’t got one just takes my postcode and house number. She completes a search and cannot find my address meaning i am not a NPower customer instead of finishing the call there she tells me if i wait 2 minutes she can find out who my provider is (GREAT!) after a very promt 2 minutes the assistant comes back & tells me British Gas supply my electricity and gave me their contact number then finished with a Goodbye.

My second phone call was then to British Gas again it seemed like 4 simple options, i pick & then get asked for a statement number which i don’t have i wait for this message to be repeated 3 times before the call goes onto hold again. I wait (having to listen to various automated sales pitches!) & after 10 minutes i get through to an assistant who asks for account details and then postcode instead whilst i explain my situation. He then puts me on hold to speak to a supervisor comes back and we discover there has been a communication error and the postcode has come out wrong, he searches again and as i can’t confirm the surname of the previous owner (i am new to the property) he puts me through to another department (on hold again) i get through to a lovely assistant who tells me i could of just gone to my local shop to pick up a key. So after being on the phone to various sections of British Gas for 21 minutes the answer to all my questions took 20 seconds.

Just to let you know that all British Gas advisers were very helpful it’s just the time it took to answer my question (30 seconds) to the time i was actually on the phone ( 22 minutes) they could answered at least 10 more calls.

Then the way that NPower dealt with my problem and then even helped someone who isn’t even a customer of theirs shows a company going the extra mile!

I hope we do that for our customers too!

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