The Turkey Hangover
December 24, 2014
Christmas Day at The Farmer's Boy Inn
December 26, 2014

Boxing Day Madness

The Boxing Day Bargain Hunt Madness was no different this year! After the the festivities of Christmas Day people went mad for the sales that begun on Boxing Day!

I’ve been watching & reading the news all day and watched the madness unfold. People queuing overnight in anticipation to grab that first bargain but surely it takes away from the magic that is Christmas. Especially as the sales these days seem to be happening all the time and not just in January.

This year it even seemed closer to home with pictures in The Daily Mail showing Next in Cheltenham and the massive queues so early in the morning! Well if that was you, we hope you got the bargains you were looking for!

Boxing Day Bonanza

Farmer's Boy Inn