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November 27, 2014
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November 29, 2014

Driving Test Drama

I was reading the news this afternoon and i came across an article about changes to the national driving test. These changes could mean that leaner drivers no longer learn how to do the three point turn or how to reverse around a corner they will instead learn how to follow instructions from a satnav.

Now i only passed my test 5 years ago and i had to complete a three point turn and erverse around a corner and still to this day do i complete these tasks whilst driving and they help me to get out of some sticky driving situations. These to me seem like basic driving skills, i mean listening to instructions from a satnav seem like basic instructions so to me to put them in a driving test rather than the turn in the road or reversing seems absurd to me!

But things have to change with the modern way of life, whether we agree with them or not right?

Here it is for you to read yourself, the proposed changes to the driving test.

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