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August 9, 2011
Sunday 18th September- The Date is set!
August 14, 2011

Facebook Fan Page

Well guys this is my first blog post all on my own, so bear with me & here goes……

The Farmer’s Boy Inn has a brand spanking new Facebook Fan Page!! Jam-packed with info, updates , pictures & free offers! So all you lovely people can keep fully up-to-date with what’s happening hear at The Farmer’s Boy Inn & MadAboutPies!

It wasn’t without it’s problems & having to repeatedly input information, but i got there! Theres still a few things we need to update to make it extra-special but the hard work is done now & only the tweeking left *huge sigh of relief*

So guys please check it out & tell us what you think! And we all look forward to connecting with you on Facebook!!

Oh & 1 last thing “Don’t forget to like us!!!”

Thanks & I hope you enjoyed my first butj not last blog post!!!

Hannah Cornwall Manager!!!!!!!

Farmer's Boy Inn