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June 4, 2014
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June 6, 2014

Keyboard Warriors!

Keyboard Warriors!

Today’s blog is more of a rant, about Keyboard Warriors or you may know them as Internet Trolls! Now I am sure we all experience them one way or another but them comes a time when you really have to say STOP!

You may ask why we call them ‘Keyboard Warriors’ it’s actually Phil’s terminology, its just people who sit behind their keyboard and moan and once they start moaning there’s no stopping them! Although if you try to contact them in person you have no chance!
Today alone I have experienced 3 different Keyboard Warriors-
1. A TripAdvisor Reviewer whose 1st review was deleted as it was incorrect and spoke of a staff member that had never even set foot in The Farmer’s Boy so they then decided to post a 2nd review under a different name (really????)
2. Someone who reviewed The Farmer’s Boy app on a app store! Saying our App was a mess as it didn’t advertise for veggies or vegans????? (I’m lost on that one!) Also that they have been to The Farmer’s Boy and could not find the advertised carpark! (Our Carpark has 50 parking spaces and is directly to the left of the pub on the side of the A40, you have to go on to the car park to get to the pub!!!!)
3. A liker on The Farmer’s Boy Facebook, and we do encounter a lot of these, saying we post too much of one thing!

You may wonder how best to respond to these people? I personally like to firstly call their bluff on said website, stating the true facts, then try contacting them directly and when they don’t answer (keyboard warriors never do) Add to said website that they have been contacted to no avail! A good plus is always when other reviewers comment, correct and diminish said review! (HA!)

The Moral of this rant is not everyone can be positive, so hold your head high and ignore the haters!!!!!


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