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July 3, 2014
The Lunch of the Week
July 5, 2014

Man Vs Food- The Big Ugly Challenge

For the past 9 months we have been running The Big Ugly Burger and The Big Ugly Steak Challenges, this month will be the last of both (for now!) Every month from here on in we are going to run a different food challenge.

Already we have planned The Big Ugly Faggot, Big Ugly Breakfast, Big Ugly Pie and Big Ugly Curry! With lots more ideas coming in every day!

These new challenges will be along the same lines as The Big Ugly Burger & Steak where you have to eat everything on the board in 30 minutes! Out of 200 Burger attempts only 50 have eaten it (one man even ate 2) and out of The 80 Steak Challenges only 3 have defeated it! So the odds are stacked against you!



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