Whoa! What a Storm!
July 19, 2014
Whiskey is coming to The Cotswold's!
July 21, 2014

Overactive Minds!

People are constantly looking for something to do  or something to read. I heard somewhere that the best place to advertise is in toilets! A bit crude i know but that is the 1 time people are not rushing around and are looking for something to occupy them!

We had a think about it and realised that this was so obviously true! So with that in mind i got noticeboards put on all doors of the toilets that now hold our Newsletter with my face on (people always have something to say!) and then i put up a large Chalkboard in the gents with Funny Pub Jokes on!

Once again standing out from the crowd and making sure that your pub never leaves peoples mind!


Farmer's Boy Inn