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October 19, 2011
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April 8, 2012

Phil Kiernan & C4's Four in a Bed

Well you all the the result now. We didn’t win but we didn’t lose either.

The show was filmed in June. It took 2 weeks to film & 4 weeks to edit. You wouldn’t believe the effort & time it takes to film a show that lasts for a week. Its was a amazing experience & to meet different people, in different stages of their businesses was a nice & pleasurable experience. It was also an eye opener.

This was a TV show & people needed to be entertained. I think we managed to do just that. Would like to thank C4 & the film crew especially Matt the producer who was fantastic & very profession in his work & the rest of his team also.

I have received 100’s of emails & messages on all social media sites with warm support. This means a great deal to me & my team. Also the whole of Irelands has been supporting me with messages as far as South Africa, Australia,  Germany & France. All looking for a great Pie.

I hope i didn’t come across to pushy but i am very passionate about everything i do in life. I have this energy that fills my head with ideas every minute of the day. My wife is a saint. I would also like to thank my family in Ireland for their support.

Finally i would like to thank Nigel Botterill who has given me & shown me the courage & direction to channel my energy, passion & drive.

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