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June 6, 2014
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June 8, 2014

Not just any Pie & Pint Night!!

Not just any Pie & Pint Night!!


As you all know The Farmer’s Boy likes to be different from the crowd (a bit Purple Cow-ish!) That goes for everything we do! Customer Service, Marketing & Theme Nights, you have to stand out from the crowd these days and make people want to come to your pub!


That’s why our Pie & Pint Nights aren’t just any Pie & Pint Night! They are Gourmet Bistro Pie & Pint Nights! You may ask what is so different? Well for starters all of our Pies are made with Quality 100% British Meat & are Marinated & Cooked for a minimum of 8 Hours, then you have the Gastro Style Chips with a Secret Coating, to go along with the Seasonal Vegetables & Homemade Gravy! Is that different enough for you?


But I bet you are all sat there thinking those are just words on a screen…….. If you don’t believe me come try yourself this Monday 9th June from 6pm, Book Now on 01452 831300



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