Making it happen!!
September 8, 2011
Phil Kiernan & C4's Four in a Bed
December 3, 2011
Making it happen!!
September 8, 2011
Phil Kiernan & C4's Four in a Bed
December 3, 2011

Pie & Pub Lovers in the UK

Hi , as requested a short email as I know your are a busy man so I won’t bore you with to much detail about
Just to say we are a small Gloucestershire Pie company that produces a range of Gourmet pies throughout the UK throughout the Year. Our Customers range from the Pubs, Restaurants, Professional Rugby & Football Clubs to small Supermarkets & also an online service delivered to your door.
I am a Proud Publican myself so I know the importance of time. I also know the importance of Profit, Quality & Value.
I understand that we are working harder today to get those customers bums on seats.
This is were can help you. Even if you make your own Pies, can still help you.
I have attached some of our Pies for you to take a look at. Its hard to show emotion through an email but I hope in this brief email I have managed to buy 5 minutes of you time.
I would ask if I can bring some gourmet Pies for you to try. I would not waste your time & my time if I felt MadAboutPies could not add Value & Profit to your business.  
Publicans, Managers, Chefs & Kitchen staff are too busy today for companies not delivering on their promises hence the reason why we are so passionate about our range of Gourmet Products. 
As a Publican I know all too well the fears of Pub & Restaurant life in 2011. 
I urge take a look in your own time  at &
The Photos attached are the way we supply Pubs, Restaurant & Hotels, dish included. Its Pure Theatre
I look forward to meeting soon.
Phil Kiernan The Pie Man
01452 831300
01594 826319
PS Love the Pubs Name…………….
Farmer's Boy Inn