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June 24, 2014
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June 26, 2014

Now What Was My PIN?

Now how many times have you said this?

I mean how many PIN Numbers do each of us have? I personally have 4 different PIN Numbers and that’s just for my cards, there’s internet passwords as well!

The most regular accurance when a customer is paying the bill at The Farmer’s Boy is not their lack of funds but the lack of memory to remember the right PIN for the right card!!

I don’t believe there is any safe way to store your PIN Numbers…….. I’ve seen people write them on a piece of paper in their purse, write them in their diaries & store them in their phone or even have all numbers the same! In the wrongs hands any of these methods can come undone!

There is no real moral to my blog today, just a mere lapse of my memory (it happens a lot!)



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