September 24, 2014
How Much?
September 26, 2014


Just going to have a little rant right now about the amount of SPAM on my PC! (Don’t panic it won’t go from mine to yours just from reading this blog!)

Now you may not feel any compassion for me as i have not renewed my anti-virus and that i did not think what i was doing when i just clicked the top free download of mozilla firefox but really how much spam can you get?

Everyday is something different and it all stemmed from an ad company called cinemaxme (if you see this on your pc your in trouble) at times there have been pop ups flying all around my pc and it seem that thee is no way to block this one ad site (Phil also had it on his pc and couldn’t get rid of it!)

We have even put anti-virus on said pc but nothing seems to be happening apart from a lady continuously popping up saying “a spam site has been blocked!”- there is still ads all over my page and a new tab opens up every time she tells me this!

It looks like a complete reset is in order (lucky in one way but awful in another that my pc is only 2 months old!)

So this is a warning to you all……… Be careful when downloading anything! (and no i’m not talking about the naughty stuff!)


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