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June 28, 2014
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June 30, 2014

Pub Jokes, Funny or Not?

Now working in the pub trade we hear a lot of pub jokes and we even have quite a few up on the wall or on blackboards around the pub! 99% of customers love our jokes and humor then you have the 1% that don’t!

We have this Irish Jokes tea towel (bought from Dublin!) on the wall in our lounge area, we get many great comments and little chuckles from it, although a couple of months ago we got an email complaint about it!

The email stated it’s astonishment that an Irish Man can have these jokes on the wall, they are highly offensive and the customer hated having to sit next to said tea towel during breakfast! Surely if they were that bad you would have asked to move? What’s life if you can’t have a joke even if it is at somebody’s expense!

May i add it’s still on the wall!!!

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Farmer's Boy Inn