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July 17, 2014
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July 19, 2014

Pickled Eggs You Say

Well today’s Blog is about the big Pickled Egg debate!

I mean Pickled Eggs they are a required taste (i’m sure they’re very much like marmite…….. you either love them or hate them!)

I am a lover of Pickled Eggs, to me Pickled Eggs are part of The Traditional English Pub! Or Something you have at Christmas! My Nan always had about 10 jars of Pickled Eggs in her cupboards!

The debate then if you do love them is do you have them on their own or with a Packet of Crisps? You may now be looking at this post going eurgh Pickled Egg & a Packet of Crisps, but when i used to go to local country pubs with my dad we would always have a Packet of Crisps & Pickled Egg!

That then leads onto a whole new debate of What Flavour Crisps do you have? I always advise first timers to have plain to adapt to the sensation! But i personally have Cheese & Onion!

At The Farmer’s Boy we even stock different flavours of Pickled Eggs, courtesy of Purely Pickled Eggs  We have Chilli, Garlic or Fruity Balsamic Flavours!

So people Debate on!

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Farmer's Boy Inn