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January 23, 2015
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January 23, 2015

Pub Closures Falling

I wrote some months ago about how shocking the rate of pub closures was, 31 pubs were closing on average every week. Now considering a lot of the economy is on the up, the amount of pubs closing was still a shocking figure.

After a bulletin today i am pleased to say that the rate has fallen within the last 6 months, a report from the Morning Advertiser showed that on average 29 pubs are closing every week. Now even though this figure is still quite high the fact that the amount is dropping is a good sign.

I was only having a conversation about he amount of pubs closing to one of our residents this week, saying how lucky we are but how hard we work to make The Farmer’s Boy a continuing success, just having had our best December ever. It just shows that not everyone is in the same boat as us.

Weekly Pub Closures Falling 

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