Exciting Few Months Ahead
January 3, 2015
A Gadget Lovers Dream
January 6, 2015

Glamping Pods and Shepherd Huts!

It seems that all we keep telling you is new things that are happening at The Farmer’s Boy and this post is no exception!

We are starting some new building work at The Farmer’s Boy but this time we are not extending the pub, we are building some Glamping Pods and Shepherd Huts in our garden to create our own little Glamping Village!

I have found that the rear end of the garden is rarely used and have been thinking for a long time how i can utilize the space. When some friends came to me with their idea of manufacturing Shepherd Huts it was like the light bulb in my brain just flicked on!

Glamping (Glamorous Camping for those that don’t know) is fast becoming something big in the stayation trend and we are all about doing something different at The Farmer’s Boy. So work commences on our Glamping Village on Monday 5th January and we will be holding an Open Day on Sunday 8th March for you to browse around the Pods & Huts and just see what the Glamping Trend is all about!


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