Beep Beep!
February 25, 2015
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March 3, 2015

The craziness begins

As you may know we are a fairly busy house and in the previous few years we have been getting busier and busier. I always strive to be busier or doing more than what others offer, you may also notice that we have recently erected a marquee in our garden.

The purpose of the marquee was to hold functions, Live Events & Weddings. I didn’t believe they would be coming in thick and fast this soon!

The marquee has only been up officially for 1 week, we have already held our first Live Music Event in the marquee, and in the past week we have already taken our first business conference, first wedding and our first big birthday party…….. and they are all happening in March!

So just bear us inn mind when you are planning that big event & give Scott a call!

Farmer's Boy Inn